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DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE is an inorganic form of supplemental phosphorus and calcium for livestock. This product also contains a range of other trace minerals This product is also approved by ACO (AUSTRALIAN ORGANIC) as an allowed input in feeds for all livestock.
DICALCIUM PHOSPHATE should be formulated into feeds taking into account the phosphorus requirement of the particular livestock or poultry being fed.  Underwood and Suttle, 2000 have reviewed the function of phosphorus and calcium in livestock as follows:
“Phosphorus is second most abundant mineral in the animal body and about 80% is found in bones and teeth. Phosphorus is required for the formation of the organic bone matrix as well mineralisation of that matrix. The 20% of phosphorus not present in the skeletal tissues is widely distributed in fluids and soft tissues of the body, where it serves a range of essential functions.
Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and 99% is found in the skeleton. A basic function of calcium is therefore to provide a strong framework for supporting and protecting delicate organs, jointed to allow movement and malleable to allow growth."

Finely ground powder of above GRAS herbs/minerals is mixed with extracts of Embelia ribes burm. The extract is taken of this material. Filtered and packed. Made from Non-GMO ingredients. Aroma CD has been approved as an allowed input for organic feeds. This product does not contain toxic ingredients, conforms to WHO directives and is manufactured in strict hygienic conditions. Certified that the above products are heat treated at 100 degrees Centigrade for 30 minutes, nil E.coli, nil Salmonella and nil pathogens. For pigs, cattle, poultry, sheep and goats depending on requirements. Application is repeated every 30 to 45 days.

Applied Nutrition supports all of its products with a comprehensive nutritional service. Technical advice and development of feed programmes is available upon request. Conditions apply.

For Technical Inquiries OR Detailed Brochures please contact Dr. Michael Evans, Principal Nutritionist.