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Organic Products
Least Cost Feed Formulation combined with provision of bag-a-batch supplements to improve the accuracy and efficiency of on-farm feed manufacture. You get the benefit of our technology and “know-how” combined with the convenience and simplicity in manufacturing.
Assistance with Ingredient Purchasing and Planning. Raw material or ingredient purchasing is one of the keys to minimising on-farm feed costs. Using our least cost formulation and parametric programming techniques we can help you to make sound economic and informed choices of ingredients in order to minimise feed costs. Development of Sound Feeding Strategies and Programmes. Feeding poultry should never be based on a single “magic” formula. Poultry diets, customised for specific conditions on your farm, and based around feed intake is the best way to minimise feed costs and maintain bird performance. The feeding process is dynamic and changes with environment, weather, type of bird, management system. We will help you to customise your feeding programmes to best suit your birds in their current environment and as situations change.

Is high bio-available form of selenium when added to feed will assist in the prevention of selenium deficiency. This product is also approved by ACO (BFA) as an allowed input in feeds for all livestock. ORGANIC SELENIUM YEAST should be formulated into feeds taking into account the selenium requirement of the livestock or poultry being fed and the contribution of natural occurring selenium in the feed. Levels of 50g to 150g per tonne of finished feed are the normal range of inclusion.  

Prevents colonisation of the intestinal tract by pathogens, stimulates immune activity of the phagocytic cells, enhances the action of beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifobacteria, making an immunological wall against diseases. It contains purified β-glucans that stimulate the endothelia reticulum. The endothelial reticulum produces high quantities of macrophages that play a key role in the immunological system. The macrophage function is to absorb and destroy the invading particles of phagocytosis.
IMMUNO-WALL is an important source of mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) sources, which act in the animal intestine, binding host bacteria that attack the intestinal wall such as E. coli and Salmonella. A number of enteric pathogens have mannose binding fimbrea which is used to attach to the gut villi. IMMUNO-WALL acts as a decoy upon which these pathogens attach and are flushed from the gastrointestinal tract.
MOS can be used by Lactobacillus as an energy source increasing beneficial bacteria growth.

ROPADIAR is an oregano-based total natural nutritional feed additive which has been show to be an aid to management by helping to maintain the well being and heath of poultry and livestock, manufactured by Ropapharm International BV under patent No. EP 0828502. ROPADIAR is approved for use in organic poultry and livestock operations
Is a pleasant smelling and tasting essential oil. Whilst we make no specific health claims for this product the inclusion of this product in feed and water has been shown to maintain and enhance the wellbeing of poultry and livestock. Because of its pleasant smell and taste it can act as a flavouring agent in feed.
At present day, preventive medicine is becoming a more important issue because of public health and animal welfare. Consequently, ROPADIAR covers the needs of poultry and livestock because of active components that oregano oil includes. Due to the active components of oregano oil, using ROPADIAR as a feed additive shows effects in poultry flavor, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidative, fungicidal, enzyme and immune stimulation. Detailed Technical advice and information on ROPADIAR is available upon request.

Applied Nutrition supports all of its products with a comprehensive nutritional service. Technical advice and development of feed programmes is available upon request. Conditions apply.

For Technical Inquiries OR Detailed Brochures please contact Dr. Michael Evans, Principal Nutritionist.