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Analyse / Optomise / Profit
Applied Nutrition Pty Ltd is the exclusive Authorised Agent for Format International Ltd in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and South Pacific. Dr Michael Evans, our principal nutritionist, has been a user of Format software since 1985. We sell and support Format software in these countries and this region. With this software, we have a unique position of expertise to expand on stockfeed, livestock nutrition, and strategic raw material acquisition and planning.

Applied Nutrition Pty Ltd provides training and support for clients and customers using Format International software. We work with our clients to realise the best potential value from the software. We have been involved in developing numerous interfaces between the clients' systems and Format software, such as developing a front-end set-up program (Global Wizard) for Format's Global Mix Optimisation solutions in order for our clients to minimise raw material costs and achieve optimum logistic arrangements for stockfeed and nutrition. Learn more

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Format iNDIGO™ utilises cutting-edge technology to provide you with a totally contemporary system.Whilst retaining the core integrity, robustness and stability for which Format software is so renowned, you’ll soon be immersed in a completely modern and flexible interface that both looks and feels totally natural.

The software you always wanted
Already familiar with Format? Then you’ll know about the strong and enviable relationship we have with our customers worldwide. As ever, feedback and “wish lists” from Format User Group meetings have been carefully considered before informing the development process. Or visit the Format website to learn more.

Feed formulation
The main feed optimisation formulation and raw material resource allocation software is as follows:
• Single-Mix - single product or diet optimisation
• Single-Mix Parametrics - single product raw material cost and tonnage parametrics
• Multi-Mix (includes raw material cost and tonnage parametrics) - multi product or diet optimisation
• Bin-Mix - multi product or diet optimisation with bin number limitations
• Global-Mix (includes raw material cost and tonnage parametrics) - multi plant/time period optimisation
• Integra-Mix - multi-component, nested product optimisation

Other Format support software
Format International has also developed a range of other Support Software, including:
• Export/Import - comprehensive export and import facilities of database information
• Variable Manager - data storage for variables in scripting calculations.
• Biosecurity - formulation quality control and bio-security
• Tracer - formulation archive and traceability
• Smart Label - product labelling
• OutSmart - product labelling with graphics and logos
• Freeform - customisable reporting tool
• Mill Ready - production sheet printing
• ODBC Connectivity - integration and interfacing tools