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Applied Nutrition specialises in organic livestock production. We formulate and manufacture customised feed supplements for a wide range of organic livestock. We also sell organic expeller soybean meal the main protein source in organic livestock diets. We also supply a range of organically approved and “allowed input” feed additives for use in organic livestock diets.

We provide professional advice and consultations for livestock nutrition. Although we are based locally, we supply across the Australian and International markets. Our specialists have the know-how to help you get the maximum result for your animals. If you are looking for sound technical advice, or looking to save on feed ingredient costs, or even looking to develop a range of products for your feed mill or livestock operations, then Applied Nutrition has all the tools and experience to get the job done at a reasonable price. Technically sound feed products at an affordable price.
If you are a livestock operation or feed mill operation overseas, no matter where you are in the world, and would like to tap into our nutritional expertise, no problem. We can communicate by telephone, fax or email.

We provide the following ingredient and additives suitable for the organic livestock feeds.

Organic and organic Allowed Input Products
Customised Specific Manufactured Bag-a-Batch products
• Organic Selenium Yeast – Selenium enriched yeast (2000ppm) predominantly as Seleno-methionine
• Immunowall – Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS)
• Ropadiar GG30 – Oregano (Liquid, Powdered and Emulsion Forms)

Herb Products (Organic allowed inputs)
• Herb Tonic, Herbowell, Herbolife and Aroma CD (Liquid and Powder forms)
• Ropadiar Plus - Oregano (Liquid, Powdered and Emulsion Forms)

Organic and Allowed Input Feed Ingredients
• Organic Expeller Soybean meal (ACO, USDA, NOP, ECOCERT Certification) 25kg or 1,000kg bags.
• Organic Copra meal (ACO, USDA, NOP) (when available)
• Organic Millrun (ACO, USDA, NOP) (when available)
• Fish meal (Tuna) – 25 kg bags.
• Dicalcium phosphate