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"Applied Nutrition – the highest quality products for all livestock nutrition needs."

Our products include Speciality Feed Additives for Conventional & Organic Livestock

We are an accredited manufacturer and supplier of organic supplements and concentrates (including Bag-a-Batch supplements) for the organic livestock industries. We are accredited by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the certification arm of the Biological Farmers of Australia and also the ACO USDA.

arrowProsperity - Nutritional Bird Starter/Hand Rearing Formula
our productsarrowCustomised Organic and Conventional
spaceBag-a-batch / Millpack Supplements & Concentrates
arrowOrganic Products (Organic Allowed Inputs)
• Organic Selenium Yeast – Selenium enriched yeast (2000ppm)
space– predominantly as Seleno-methionine
• Immunowall – Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS)
• Ropadiar GG30 – Oregano (Liquid, Powdered & Emulsion Forms)
arrowHerb Products (Organic Allowed Inputs)
• Herb Tonic, Herbowell, Herbolife and Aroma CD
space(Liquid & Powder forms)
• Ropadiar Plus - Oregano (Liquid, Powdered and Emulsion Forms)
arrowPigments - Natural Yellow & Red
arrowSuper Prebiotic - Xylooligosaccharide (XOS)
arrowFeed Additives
Feed Additives
arrowFeed Ingredients
• Organic Expeller Soybean meal (ACO, USDA, NOP, ECOCERT Certification)
• Organic Copra meal (ACO, USDA, NOP)
• Fish meal (Tuna) – 25 kg bags
• Organic Mill run (ACO, USDA, NOP)
arrowSpeciality Feed Ingredients
• Soya Peptide Product - Nutide N100 - A protein with a difference

arrowOther Mineral Supplements available